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In 1972 Robbie Gilchrist graduated from high school and took a summer job in the fasteners industry. He intended to go to college, but the summer job lasted 13 years until he ventured out to start his own fastener distributorship.

In 1985 Gilchrist refinanced his house, borrowed from friends and took out a Small Business Administration loan to start Capital Fasteners Inc. in High Point, North Carolina.

Robbie met his wife, Gina, while she was also working in the fastener business. As the fledgling company grew, Gina established her own career outside the industry to provide a household income while Robbie built the distributorship.

After great success, Gilchrist sold the thriving enterprise to Questron Technology, Inc. in 1999 after expanding the business to include branches in Chesapeake, VA, and Jacksonville, FL.

Robbie Gilchrist never did receive a four year college degree, but he and Gina decided to assist future students by forming the Gilchrist Foundation. Scholarships are awarded to those who are already engaged in the fastener industry to continue their education. Children of fastener industry employees who intend to go into the fastener business can also benefit from the foundation.

As Robbie states: "We genuinely wanted to give back and give from the heart; we have enjoyed tremendous success and opportunity in the fastener industry, so it is only fitting for us to allow others to benefit."

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